Digital Signing


SignSpace signature technology has the same ease-of-use and legitimacy as the handwritten signature but in electronic form. You can sign all document types and any digital content on SignSpace. All you need to do is review the content you want to sign, click sign, and authenticate with your phone via a pin-code or your fingerprint.
We use the latest signature technologies and conform to the highest signature strength standards possible today. Users can use industry standard verification services to verify signed documents. SignSpace abides by EU electronic identification regulation - eIDAS.


SignSpace stores all your signed content for 10 years at no extra cost. Only users with sufficient access rights can access files. All content is encrypted and stored on servers located in the European Union. Storage services are provided by ISO 27001 certified organizations.

SignSpace Key

For those who sign a lot SignSpace Key is a must-have app. With the help of fingerprint or phone security code, you can sign in seconds. Get the app

Business Collaboration


Messages create content and let you do everything you need. You can start conversations, request for signatures, create tasks, set reminders, set alarms, and post and attach content.


Spaces tie messages, content, and people together. You can start a space on any topic, idea, subject, project, or workflow. Then add users and groups to start a conversation or begin collaborating.


Chat is for informal communication. You can have instant conversations, quick brainstorms, or exchange information. Chat helps to keep spaces relevant by facilitating a separate unstructured communication flow.


Tasks are where things get done. You can assign a task to yourself or others. You can request reviews, set up basic to do’s, follow up on things, and make task lists. You can create stand-alone tasks, include tasks in spaces and chats, or use tasks to create workflows.


Groups bring people together. You can create groups within organizations and across multiple organizations. You can define groups by teams, projects, business functions, or in any way you choose. You can start a space, chat with a group, or with multiple groups.


SignSpace on all devices. You can access a message, space, task, file, or chat that was started on your computer and continue working on your phone. You can create conversations, respond to messages, sign documents, and complete tasks on the go.


SignSpace lets you work across organisations with whoever you choose and however you choose. You can collaborate around shared goals, projects, or any activity where common interests come together.


SignSpace is for open-ended collaboration. Users and groups can engage in messaging around a specific topic, start a chat, or start both. New topics can be created from the principal topic and this process can continue without limitations.


SignSpace is an open platform. You don’t have to stop using existing tools to sign digital content or collaborate. Via our API, you can access individual features of SignSpace or the whole platform.
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Identity Assurance


We believe identity is an indispensable requisite for organisations and individuals to collaborate in any true capacity. SignSpace uses mobile and bank identification to verify users identities. On SignSpace, you know the person you collaborate with, is the person they claim to be.


We believe trust builds confidence, and confidence allows you to collaborate without limitations. We have put in place the highest levels of security, authentication, access controls, and privacy to ensure our customers can operate with utmost confidence. We conduct routine security auditing. All content is encrypted and stored on servers located in the European Union. Storage services are provided by ISO 27001 certified organizations. SignSpace is a GDPR compliant service.
SignSpace is part of the KIRA-digi program
KIRA-digi boosts the digitalisation of the built environment and construction sector! The Government’s key project involves ministries, municipalities and the KIRA forum. The aim is to create an open and interoperable information management ecosystem for the built environment. More about KIRA-digi